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This one-stop web portal by KamloopsBCNow is a place to learn about all the mayoral and city councillor candidates running in the 2017 Kamloops byelection. Meet those vying for the mayor's chair and two councillor seats and see what they've been talking about.

Mayoral candidates

One to be elected
9274 Votes

Ken Christian

Ken pursued his formal education at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Cariboo College and eventually the University of Victoria. His 37-year career in public health in the Kamloops region ...

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2661 Votes

Bill McQuarrie

Over the years, as an entrepreneur, I have started a number of successful companies. But, the most exciting and rewarding time of my career came when I moved to Kamloops and started working with a non ...

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806 Votes

Stu Holland

I was born in Powell River, B.C. in 1955 and worked as a west coast logger for years. I then entered road construction, building roads and paving in the Lower Mainland and all through B.C. and Alberta ...

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773 Votes

Todd Mcleod

I'm married with four children and live in Kamloops. I'm an air ambulance paramedic and have been working directly on ground ambulance and air ambulance as well as within the British Columbia healthca ...

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518 Votes

Mike McKenzie

Mike McKenzie is 24 years old and ready to build himself into the community of Kamloops with quality leadership. As a young person, he understands that his future depends on leaders that can manage th ...

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480 Votes

Glenn Hilke

Glenn Hilke is a candidate running for mayor in the September 30th Kamloops byelection. ...

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Councillor candidates

Two councillors to be elected
3421 Votes

Kathy Sinclair

I'm excited to be running for one of two open city council seats in the City of Kamloops byelection on September 30th, 2017.

I consider myself, first and foremost, a problem solver. I'm as comforta ...

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3292 Votes

Ray Dhaliwal

I was born, raised and schooled in Kamloops and have been married for more than 39 years. Our family settled here over 113 years ago, in 1913.

I’ve been the owner of Ray’s Lock And Key Service ...

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3042 Votes

Kevin Krueger

My family and I have lived in Kamloops for nearly 30 years, and our seven grandchildren are growing up here. We are fully engaged in the community. We love Kamloops, and support our city in every way. ...

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2424 Votes

Gerald Watson

Gerald Watson candidate running for Kamloops city council in the September 30th byelection. ...

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2182 Votes

Bill Sarai

My name is Bill Sarai and I've been a letter carrier at Canada Post for the past 30 years and have lived happily in Kamloops for 22 years now.

I have volunteered for the following organizations:

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2112 Votes

Leslie Lax

Leslie Lax is a consulting economist who has worked in the field of economic development for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience working side by side with municipal administration, mayors ...

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1678 Votes

Stephen Karpuk

I love Kamloops and B.C. I have been married to my best friend, Kathleen (school trustee in School District 73) for more than 20 years. We are proud parents of three great kids. I started Aberdeen Chi ...

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1481 Votes

Nancy Bepple

Nancy Bepple is a two-time city councillor running in the September 30th Kamloops byelection, with a focus on an accessible city, growing small business and improving healthcare. ...

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1419 Votes

Caroline King

I have lived in the Kamloops area for more than 38 years, having moved to Kamloops in 1991.

I am a wife and mother of two amazing teenage boys. My eldest graduated in 2016 and my youngest is in his ...

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1333 Votes

Sadie Hunter

I moved to Kamloops 16 years ago as a young, single parent from northern B.C. to attend university and create new opportunities for my family. I lived in social housing and relied on the wonderful sup ...

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1092 Votes

Jeanne Marr

I grew up in Kamloops and raised my two daughters here. Having been a parent at 17, my family was in need of public supports and services for which I feel grateful and indebted for receiving.

As a ...

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1039 Votes

Dennis Giesbrecht

Dennis Giesbrecht is a candidate running for Kamloops city council in the September 30th byelection. ...

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825 Votes

Jim Johal

The people of Kamloops are my top priority. It’s my vision for Kamloops that its residents, our neighbours and friends, invest in the city, and that its city council invests in its residents. If we' ...

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655 Votes

Brad Serl

Brad was born and raised in Kamloops, before moving to South Korea in 2002. While there, he worked as an English teacher and teacher trainer. He was very active in the ESL teaching community in Kore ...

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381 Votes

Tracy Schmidt

Tracy Schmidt was born in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Kamloops with her family in 1974. Tracy is married to Darryl, her husband of 21 years, and has two children, Kira and Bradley. This year, both c ...

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375 Votes

Jennifer Dawn Adams

Kamloops became home in 2011 when my four daughters and I moved here from Cranbrook, B.C. As a music and arts lover, the city won my heart.

I have experience as a community volunteer, entrepreneur, ...

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258 Votes

Jon Eadie

I am a 36-year-old family man with three children under 10 and an amazing partner in life. After graduating from my Electrical Engineering Technologist program, I began my career with BC Hydro in Cran ...

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244 Votes

Nicholas Adams

I have lived in Kamloops for 24 years and resided all over Kamloops. I have enjoyed the wide mix of people that make up our city. Currently, I reside on the North Shore. I am running for council becau ...

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241 Votes

Jim Michals

Jim Michals has a varied and extensive work background. While living in Kamloops previously he built up a successful consulting practice over 13 years, culminating in a strategic and diverse portfolio ...

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202 Votes

Jesse Bochek

I have lived in Kamloops since I was 14 and was raised within the Brock, Juniper and Aberdeen neighbourhoods. I was a Shuswap resident and visited Kamloops multiple times per week prior to moving here ...

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130 Votes

Ashlee Hudie

A candidate for the 2017 Kamloops byelection. I identify as a socially liberal, but fiscally conservative candidate, with a business background. ...

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