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Mike McKenzie

Mike McKenzie is 24 years old and ready to build himself into the community of Kamloops with quality leadership. As a young person, he understands that his future depends on leaders that can manage the voice of all people. At 24, he has accomplished 10 years of management and practical experience, both training others and learning.

McKenzie has been a national youth representative, tribal council member and representative across Canada. Combined with eight years of volunteer firefighting and community service, his experience has been possible due to internships, contracts and involvement on past councils. He served as the youngest fire chief, training firefighters and volunteers and interested in advancing training and capacity for rural fire services.

Mike has remained dedicated to inclusion, learning and supporting others. Mike believes in forgiveness and an elevated standard of life for all people. He shares his life with his partner, and a passion for music, arts and learning about cultures worldwide. He has held space for community engagement, government affairs, and advocacy. His main focus has been community development, youth inclusion and human rights engagement. McKenzie is committed to increasing the quality of life for all people.

For our children and families in the future, how do we live well together? Mike believes that with the increased demand for diversity and innovation, Kamloops requires a mayor that models respect and sharing, well into the future.

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