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Jennifer Dawn Adams

Kamloops became home in 2011 when my four daughters and I moved here from Cranbrook, B.C. As a music and arts lover, the city won my heart.

I have experience as a community volunteer, entrepreneur, proprietor, corporate owner/operator, innovator, small business owner and manager. I am running for Kamloops city council because I believe my skills and experience will serve the community of Kamloops and its citizens well.

My real estate investment and development company honed my skill and gave me valuable experience raising capital, investing, development and planning.

The experiences I gained owning and operating a fire and flood restoration company will assist Kamloops city planners and committees to look at ways to implementing housing action plans. Kamloops also needs to do more to ensure protection for the community from things like bed bugs, mold and asbestos.

In the past I donated land to create an unsanctioned “tent city” called The Field of Dreams. I am a tireless advocate and social justice activist. The relationships I forged volunteering for political parties and my advocacy work means I am no stranger to our local MLA’s, MP’s and current council.

I have met and have good rapport with many of our new government’s ministers. I am a collaborator and action orientated person and know that planning and reports only go so far — decisiveness, commitment, action and courage are needed.

City council should represent the diversity of our community. I represent a fresh progressive, innovative and creative solution driven voice from the people, for the people.

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