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Jesse Bochek

I have lived in Kamloops since I was 14 and was raised within the Brock, Juniper and Aberdeen neighbourhoods. I was a Shuswap resident and visited Kamloops multiple times per week prior to moving here, so I have always felt a connection to our city over the years.

I come from a water well drilling family of seven, and a lineage of political involvement. My hobbies include photography, skiing, playing bass, hiking Kamloops' trail network, and trying to cook ambitious recipes. I liked photography so much that I turned it into my job. I also work as a courier and labourer.

Why I'm running is simple: I want to make the city a convenient place to live for everyone, to consider the needs of every neighbourhood within our city limits when making decisions. I want to work on tackling the homelessness crisis alongside our governments, and finding harm-reduction solutions for those who are at-risk.

It's important to me that city hall works to establish a culture that keeps our small business sector operating without hurdles, our industry booming and accountable, and our arts and culture flourishing. I believe we need to work on bringing people together with positive, agreeable ideas. Collaborative ideas, cooperative attitudes and a willingness to compromise are what I want to bring to council.

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