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Sadie Hunter

I moved to Kamloops 16 years ago as a young, single parent from northern B.C. to attend university and create new opportunities for my family. I lived in social housing and relied on the wonderful support programs we have in Kamloops. This community is the reason for my success and I’m passionate about giving back and being part of building our future.

I believe I have a unique and valuable combination of skills and experience I can bring to city council. I’ve worked in the forestry and natural gas industry, and completed a master’s degree in environmental science. This combination allows me to understand many viewpoints and make balanced, fact-based decisions.

My vision for Kamloops is a city where affordable housing for all citizens is addressed, while the needs of economic and community growth are met. I know what it’s like to graduate and not be able to find a job — or an affordable place to live. We can change that by promoting our beautiful city and the amazing quality of life Kamloops has to offer to potential employers. We can support existing businesses and resource economy and add innovative partnerships between industry, the tech sector and TRU, creating more local jobs and opportunities.

My vision includes looking at options for developer incentives, subsidized transit passes, and bigger-picture decision-making and finding proactive solutions to challenges. It’s time to decide what kind of city we want to be—I think we have the chance to create a city of opportunity.

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