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Jim Johal

The people of Kamloops are my top priority. It’s my vision for Kamloops that its residents, our neighbours and friends, invest in the city, and that its city council invests in its residents. If we're a strong, vibrant, diverse, healthy, entrepreneurial, educated, cultured and caring city, we will no doubt be able to draw in more and more investment. The work of strengthening and shaping the future of our community is work that must be done together. It’s the work we must do for future generations.

My family’s roots in Kamloops stretch back to when Canada was celebrating its 100th birthday. I was born at Royal Inland Hospital, attended A.E. Perry Elementary School and NorKam Secondary and attended the University College of the Cariboo (which became TRU). I have a strong personal connection to this city. It’s where I’ve developed a strong network of great friends and colleagues. Kamloops is the best place to raise a family and I’m a big supporter of the myriad of family programs available in the city. But there's so much more we can accomplish together! Check out my other pages for more information.

As a senior area manager for Petro-Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to work in all four corners of our city, as four of my 11 sites are located here. I’m also a project superintendent for a construction company that has helped shape some of our neighbourhoods since 2005 and a small business owner. I deal with over 100 employees within my network daily and talk to countless residents everyday.

What I'm hearing on the ground is that there's so many things we could do better in Kamloops. There's so much untapped potential, so many voices that go unheard. I'm here to listen. I'm here to help. I'm here to improve Kamloops. I'm here for you. Let's do this together!

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