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Jeanne Marr

I grew up in Kamloops and raised my two daughters here. Having been a parent at 17, my family was in need of public supports and services for which I feel grateful and indebted for receiving.

As a young family, we relied on these public supports and services and were fortunate to live in a city that provided public parks, a public library, public swimming pools, public health care and, most importantly, public schools. These services helped provide for my family, as they have for many other families.

I have worked with School District 73 since 2005. I have worked alongside many dedicated individuals who are committed to working with students and families in providing healthy and quality educational experiences. Through teamwork, between the education system and other valuable public programs that support our families and youth, we are creating dynamic opportunities for the residents of Kamloops.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with several groups seeking diversity, fairness and equity for every individual. Together, we have strived to make this city — our city — a better place to live. We live in a vibrant community that I am proud to call home, one that thrives and cares for its residents. I look forward to addressing some serious issues that we, as a city, can improve on.

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