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Tracy Schmidt

Tracy Schmidt was born in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Kamloops with her family in 1974. Tracy is married to Darryl, her husband of 21 years, and has two children, Kira and Bradley. This year, both children are in high school.

Tracy currently works for several local real estate agents as a real estate photographer and content producer. In addition to her work with real estate agents, Tracy has done volunteer work for schools and local non-profit organizations.

As Tracy has grown, she’s seen Kamloops grow as well. She loves this community and cares deeply about our city and the families that live in it.

Tracy is running for city council to help ensure that our city has balanced representation for all residents. This election is about the future of our neighborhoods. We need to keep our city moving forward, ensuring that the wants and needs of our residents are respected.

Tracy would like to see the city change its policy for purchasing and awarding contracts. Local businesses that hire and spend locally should be given preference, but not a free pass. Bids on local projects still need to make fiscal sense, with price as one of several factors.

Tracy sees the importance in growing Kamloops as a business centre and helping our local businesses grow while keeping an eye on the values of the neighborhood and putting Kamloops first.

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