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Councillor candidates

Brad Serl

Brad was born and raised in Kamloops, before moving to South Korea in 2002. While there, he worked as an English teacher and teacher trainer. He was very active in the ESL teaching community in Korea and helped organize many conferences.

Since his return home in 2014, he's been very active in community service: He joined the Rotary Club of Kamloops and has participated in multiple food drives, volunteered at family dinners, and volunteers as an educator for many of Rotary's training programs. Brad has recently finished a Masters of Education in Leadership at TRU. His thesis focused on conflict resolution.

Brad is passionate about improving the lives of all Kamloopsians. He is a strong proponent of housing-first initiatives and supports spending on innovation to bring high-quality jobs to Kamloops in fields that do not negatively impact our environment.

Brad is also a proponent of expanding our curbside recycling program. In his free time, Brad enjoys exercising and working in the yard, as well as helping organize fundraisers like Chefs in the City, Shine the Light and Iron Sommelier.

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